Used Amps Fuchs Train 45 1x12 Combo

Used Amps Fuchs Train 45 1x12 Combo
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A Wreck inspired EL-34, non-master rock machine from Fuchs. This amp absolutely smokes in a club setting when the tubes are given the juice, yet it can still sing at home or in the studio. Killer tone! Weight: 35 lbs Cabinet Material: 7-Ply Birch Covering: Tolex Power tubes: 2 X EL-34/6CA7 (6V6s may be used for reduced power) Preamp tubes: 3 X 12AX7 Controls: 3-position brite switch brite/flat/dark. Gain, high, mid, low, presence. Rear panel: IEC Detachable power cord, fuse holder, AC and Standby switches. 4, 8, 16-ohm outputs (one each) Rated Power: 35 watts clean 45 watts peak with EL-34/6CA7s 6v6s provide approximately 22 watts of power

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