Shipping and Return Policy


All orders over $100 receive free ground shipping.  All orders allow you to select the shipping method, and will display your cost, during checkout (before you confirm the order).


We are firm believers that nothing compares to playing an instrument before purchasing, and we strongly encourage you to visit your local, independent boutique dealer to do just that. However, we also know the nature of the finely crafted gear market and understand that availability can be limited, if not non-existent in some areas, and that you sometimes need the instrument before a months-long build is completed. If you wish to purchase from us online, we encourage you to contact a member of our team so we can ensure the instrument you will receive will be fitting for the tonal direction you are traveling.

Whole Tone Guitars’ Website is intended to be used for instrument purchases, not demos. Returns due to subjective judgment of product performance, such as “feel,” tone or aesthetics, are discouraged. There are actual, real costs involved with sending money and instruments back and forth. Whole Tone Guitars’ policy reflects this position, and YOU WILL INCUR FEES, DETAILED BELOW, IF YOU ARE ELLIGIBLE TO RETURN AN ITEM.

All orders are shipped ‘signature required.’ In order to be eligible for a return, you must send an email to [email protected], indicating the intention to return the item, within 48 hours of you, or the individual who took delivery, signing for the delivered item. After forty-eight (48) hours from initial delivery, if we have not received the email as described above all sales are considered final. In order to accept the return, we must receive an additional email, indicating the tracking number of the return, within 96 hours of you receiving the item. Return shipping MUST be insured for an amount no less than the total purchase price of the instrument(s) involved. NO return labels will be provided. The entire cost of return shipping and insurance is the customers’ responsibility and will be paid directly by the customer to the shipping company they choose for the return.

Return Fees

Considerable expenses, costs, fees and risks are involved in the return process, including, but not limited to, credit card processor reversal fees, shipping and insurance cost of the delivery to the customer, inventory and website maintenance, possibility of damage and related labor, both foreseen and unforeseen, relating to the specifics of each situation. If your return meets the conditions contained herein, and is granted, Whole Tone Guitars will refund your purchase price LESS a $150 restocking fee for guitars/amps and a $40 restocking fee for pedals and accessories. Fees may apply to each individual item returned.

By purchasing from us you agree that any item’s eligibility for return is at the sole discretion of Whole Tone Guitars, regardless of any conditions, met or unmet, described herein.

Layaways and Custom / Special Orders


A Product can be held for 60 days with a 25% non-refundable deposit from the Customer, with the product delivered to Customer upon receipt of payment in full.  If, after 60 days, payment in the full amount of the product is not received, the item will be returned to stock for sale to the public, and Customer will have an additional 60 days to apply the deposit to another purchase (excluding another layaway or deposit) from Whole Tone Guitars.  After this period, no credit will be issued and the Customer forfeits their deposit.

Special Orders and Custom Orders

Special and custom orders require a 50% non-refundable deposit.  Balance is due within 14 days of item arriving at Whole Tone Guitars.  If, after 14 days, payment in full has not been received, Customer forfeits their deposit in its entirety.  No credits, refunds or returns are granted with special or custom orders.

International Shipping

Some of our products are not available for international sale due to manufacturer restrictions.  PLEASE CONTACT US about a product you are interested in, as we may be able to ship that particular product.  If we can sell the product internationally, the following conditions apply:

All international sales ARE FINAL.  Payment must be made via wire transfer, with product shipping when transfer of funds has been completed.  Purchaser is responsible for all shipping costs, tariffs, fees, duties, or any other costs related to customs and/or the export and import of goods from the United States to any and all destination countries.   Furthermore, purchaser agrees to hold Whole Tone Guitars harmless for any and all issues which arise relating to the export and import of product(s), including, but not limited to, seizure of product(s) by any government authority for any reason, loss of the product(s) during shipping and/or delivery, any form of theft and/or fraud relating to the shipping, delivery or receiving of the product(s), any and all claims of not receiving the product(s), or any damage to the product(s) during shipment and/or delivery.  Whole Tone Guitars will provide Purchaser with proof of shipping and Purchaser shall be responsible for resolving any shipping, import, export, customs or delivery problems, including, but not limited to, damage claims, lost, stolen and/or missing product(s), customs seizure and/or refusal to release, and any and all fees and/or costs that may arise in shipping or delivering the product to the Purchaser.  Shipping quotes are valid for 72 hours.